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Organic Atman Farms was started by regular young guy who loves nature and has a vision for a sustainable planet and ethical business practices.

Vedant has trained as a management guy, and is generally obsessed with everything natural, healthy and yummy. Being from a family of farmers who moved to the city, farming is in his genes.



Having had low immunity as a child followed by battling multiple health issues pushed Vedant to inculcate a good diet, and to truly understand the importance of pesticide and chemical free food. Working in quality assurance for a conventional agriculture export firm as part of his degree only opened his eyes further to the workings of big agricultural firms, which are unconventional to say the least. While figuring out his career like every other 21 year old, he inclined towards the organic industry and began to visit farms to understand the process, mindset and problems from the farmer himself. He started buying small amounts of produce from the farmers and experimented with different techniques of processing the produce. He realised that the best way to retain the nutrition in the produce was to slow process the produce using traditional and ancient Indian methods. It soon became apparent that there were many other deprived conscious consumers of traditionally processed products as friends and family started asking for the traditionally processed organic products. His love for farm-to-fork, organic, traditionally processed produce saw the business expand from a home kitchen into an artisan factory.