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Pure & Authentic Products


Our produce is acquired directly from farmers and is grown organically and naturally. Organic food, we feel is better for our health and the environment. Our farmers allow the plants to do what they do best without  really being disturbed by humans, which we believe results in higher flavour and nutrition. When the produce arrives at our warehouse, we take extra precautions to guarantee that the produce is stored in hygienic and optimal conditions. Biodiversity is equally important to our farmers. There are numerous helpful insects which are beneficial to the farm's natural environment, and insecticides do not distinguish between destructive and beneficial bugs. Our farmers think that insects are Mother Nature's best farm companions, and they work hard to preserve the farms natural environment. 



Assuring that the produce is sourced in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. This is made possible by our unique farm-to-fork approach. We also teach and trains our farmers to follow the highest organic farming standards and to farm the way our forefathers did. 


Product quality is of utmost importance to us. Our produce is grown without synthetic pesticides or any other chemicals and stored in optimal temperatures and transported in utmost hygienic conditions. Before reaching you all products go through quality assurance and testing to guarantee purity and quality. If you ever face any issues with our products our dedicated team will be more than happy to resolve it for you. 



We do not add any artificial preservatives and keep the food pure, as it is. We do not spray chemicals and do not treat the products to increase the shelf life of the products. It is a common practice in the industry to fumigate (the action or process of purifying or disinfecting with fumes of certain chemicals) the grains/produce with chemicals like methyl bromide, hydrogen cyanide, aluminium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, etc. This is done to avoid pest infestation. Another common practice in the industry is to do an ETO (Ethylene Oxide) treatment of the produce to increase the shelf-life of the product.