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Khapli Wheat is an ancient and heirloom variety of wheat, Khapli Wheat Flour (Emmer Long Wheat) low on gluten and diabetic friendly rich in Fibre and low in glycemic index. This is a low sugar low gluten variety of wheat that can be consumed daily by diabetic and heart patients. This flour can be used for making Lapsi, Chappati's, Pasta etc. Khapli wheat (also known as Emmer) is well known for its nutritional value. The wheat variety is rich in proteins and fibers. The high fiber content helps in feeling full so we eat less and thus helps in weight loss. Also, the rotis made from this atta are very soft and delicious. Long wheat is nutritionally superior when compared to commercially available durum wheat in its protein and dietary fiber contents. It is tastier, softer and has higher satiety value.