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More Than Just Products

Earlier indigenous seeds, good soil (treasured and worshipped as ‘mother earth’), sunlight and water, and holistic manure totally natural was the only requirement to create a healthy crop of rice, wheat, pulses, etc. Where eating this organic cooked meals and simple discipline gave human beings a 100-plus lifespan of healthy living, good bone structure and more immunity. But with the sands of time came the herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, ways to make things easy, fast and quicker, polishing and making it look more beautiful and standardized and slowly weakened the soil quality, water quality, caused pollution, weakened digestive systems, bad side effects on health and deteriorated seed quality and depending of farmers for seeds on agro business giants and many more problems. Slowly the pure and natural eroded, but for a few who were aware and took efforts to create awareness and preserve this original secret of a healthy life. Organic food is a birth right, a revolution which will bring back to our life the same rich value of eating right and being carefree.

"Having worked in the food trading and processing business for a while. The use of chemicals and food preserving treatments in the industry was an eye opener. What I realised was that these Agri Business giants are least concerned about the impact of their actions on farmers, on people’s health or the environment. Also having taken up the opportunity of working with conventional farmers for months where I learnt a lot about the problems that they face and how and where they sell their produce. A farmer usually uses chemicals and pesticides because he has been misguided and to minimize his losses by damage and get a standardized product. To then sell his produce he needs to travel to the local market ruled by middlemen which is binding on him. A farmer is hence forced to sell his produce for dirt cheap prices and he sells it for whatever price he is offered. The produce then goes through a chain of 9-10 middlemen before reaching customers, each one working on his profit margins and doing tricks of the trade to enhance these margins by adopting wrongful measures, which impacts the food value. This is where I thought of working on this initiative, which will be beneficial for the user and the farmer too." -Vedant Godbole, Founder. 

Choose the organic lifestyle. Ask for organic. Exercise the right to live healthy. Encourage the organic volunteers and support and encourage more organic farmers.